Sunday, September 7, 2008

One of my passions in life is cooking! I love it! I love cooking with fresh ingredients and experimenting with new recipes. Early on in my marriage, Jared would frequently ask me if I was absolutely sure that I enjoyed this cooking thing. It's funny because to me, there is no chore involved - sure there are nights that a simple dinner is whats in order; however, I'm always striving to give my family food that's fun, nutritious, and most of all filled with love. I owe so much of my passion to my mom. She was always cooking wonderful dinners throughout my chidhood that my friends would often enjoy as well. She taught me a lot in life, but my love for cooking came from her! I thought it would be fun to start an addition to our blog that included a weekly or bi-weekly recipe - it's a way to share one of my loves in life with you!


Megs said...

Thanks Sam- I will definitely be trying out some of these recipes:) I wish I could say I share your love, but with time my cooking skills are slowly improving....

Lauren Smith said...

Sam, What an AWESOME idea.
You Go Girl.
What we all need is a change of attitude in preparing our meals for family and friends.
For those who love Jesus, there are unending Bible stories that take place around the table and deal with food.
Samantha, we are blessed to have you in our lives.
A Proud Mother in law.