Sunday, February 1, 2009

Clownin' Around!

Our weekend's are usually a time that we are in search of "things-to-do"! When Jared is away, I have to keep our days filled - outings, playdates, etc. etc. This Saturday, I surprised Miss K and Landon with a trip to see Cotton Candy the Clown who specializes in face painting. She was making an appearance at our local library and I KNEW the kids would go bonkers. Cotton Candy is as sweet as her name! When we arrived, her schedule was packed full and she wasn't taking any other kiddos. My heart felt awful for Miss K.! Landon may not know the difference yet but I couldn't let my little girl down. Well lets just say I was DETERMINED! We waited in line like a pack of sneaky stalkers. The parents kept on telling us that she had to leave by four and their children were the last ones. Nope...I wasn't going to let that stop me. NO WAY JOSE! My girl was getting her face painted like the pretty flower she requested. As we stood to "watch" the others, I gave Cotton Candy a little look (a pretty pitiful look I might add) and she nodded YES. Yes to Miss K getting her beautiful flower face painting. I was SO excited!!!

Miss K on her way

This one's for you Daddy (this is Jared's favorite Landon face)

Getting the star treatment

Voila! The finished product!

When we got home popping bubbles was in order

My Proud Little Girl
After a long fun-filled day the kids were in need of a good scrub

Miss K was a little apprehensive of washing her face but after some clever stories she was good to go!

you made our day oh so sweet


Beth said...

Hands down the BEST face painting I have ever seen! Way to be persistant Sam, it always pays off! :) Glad y'all had such a fun day...the pictures in your drive way are camera?! Kennedy looks beautiful! :)

Donna said...

WOW-what a beautiful piece of art!! Did it come off right away-I bet Miss K did not want to wash her face. What a talent CC has and it looked like Kennedy was sitting perfectly still for the painting. How great that you have that determination factor Sam!!