Friday, February 20, 2009

A Playhouse Fit for a King and Queen

We had a HUGE surprise waiting for us at our front door last week. It was a Granny Smith invention that had her two little grandchildren in mind. After some careful planning and MUCHO research, Granny Smith put together a beautiful playhouse that doubles as a puppet theatre. I've always admired Lauren's creativity and handy hand - she goes above and beyond any expectations. 

While in St. Louis, Landon had fun helping Granny saw the PVC pipe for the playhouse
(In all honesty, I thought he wouldn't be into this sorta thing - I was proved wrong! Boys flock to this stuff!)

I got it Granny!!!

OK, so this picture proves the theory of boys vs. girls - posing with the PVC pipe???!!!



After careful assembling, we discovered a playhouse fit for a king and queen!

Dear Granny - We can't thank you enough for our beautiful playhouse. The details are so amazing! We love our names on the side and the chalkboard is one of a kind. You are so special and so loving - your creation will be passed down from generation to generation!



Beth said...

WOW!!! Is she taking orders?! :)

alison said...

That is the most amazing playhouse I have ever seen! Leave it to wonderful Lauren to create something so beautiful! I believe Lauren and my mom went to the same school of creativity! Have a great time with the new playhouse!