Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Cutest Valentines I Ever Did See

although my sweetest valentine was missing this year, I spotted the cutest valentines I ever did see! 

Miss K dressed for her V-day party at school (the tutu was an addition for the letter of the week "T" - she felt super special)

 Our valentines were from the heart this year - Miss K helped sign her name on every last one!

Feel the LOVE

Mom's sweetie



Three Kisses!!!

Our Valentine Tree

Hmmm....I think I like this mom of mine!



Beth said...

Love the Landon's shirt...LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! Ya'll are three cute valentine's!

Erin said...

Happy Valentine's!! You sure do have two very cute ones! I replied to your comment on my blog but then thought maybe you wouldn't see it again so thought I'd comment here too....

About Dru and I...I had told him earlier that day about all the sweet and thoughtful things Jared did. I wasn't meaning to put pressure on him I just really thought it was so cool to hear about that but then I think I made him feel guilty (hee hee...oops)!! Later that day was when he did all those nice things for me. ;) Anyway, way to go, Jared!