Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hop to It!

Easter festivities this year were in FULL swing! After 5 weekend Easter egg hunts, a beautiful Easter service at church, and a delicious brunch with Papa Raftery, we headed over to the Anderson's for their Easter dinner - I lost count but I think we have spent 3 Easter's with them! The kiddos had a wonderful day and Mr. Nolan loved discovering all the goodies! With all the festivities aside, it was a day that reminded me of God's amazing goodness and favor in our lives - He is Alive! 

Hoping along the bunny trail!

Mr. Landon hopped to it!

They were so proud of their finds...

and didn't miss a beat opening each and every one! 

The Easter Bunny brought out all of their contagious sweetness!

At home, we hopped right to it and started decorating our eggs for the BIG EVENT the next day. 

Nolan loved all the excitement as he bounced away

The kiddos were quite proud of the finished product!

Nolan was SUPER excited about his yogurt melts Easter day!

Nolan and Papa Raftery - so sweet!

I'm not sure which one is more kissable!

Happy belated Easter! 


Renee said...

Wow, 5 egg hunts! I'm sure the kids enjoyed them. Nolan does look super excited about his yogurt melts. So cute!