Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Mother Is...

This day has taken on a different meaning through the years. I realize what a mother is...what a mother feels...what a mother fears...what a mother sacrifices. It's a day that I truly give thanks for my mother and the other women in my life that define the word and hold it close to their hearts. 

She is Love

She is Compassionate

She is Faithful 

Happy Mother's Day! We love you and thank you for everything you are in our lives!!


Mommie said...

Today we know what else a mother is..You are the best advocate for Landon and my heart went out to you this morning hearing your tears and pain..God gave him to you and Jared because He knew you would be the best parents with a child who has apraxia. All the prayers worked today Sam..You are truly blessed
Love You All